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Star Trek: Next Generations A.U.
AU where next generations took place on the USS Enterprise 1701-B instead.
Star Trek
Enterprise - B

             Grand Voyage
  story by joran-belar
  translated by titanic2015

Personal Computer Log, Captain John Harriman, Stardate 678.934

    After the repairs, the damage to the Enterprise, which result from our encounter with the Nexus, have been completed. Can it now finally begin. I am pleased to report me that now the entire crew was taken on Tuesday aboard. Also, the medical equipment and the photon torpedoes were delivered. We are all, about the fact that it finally starts. Nevertheless, the official commissioning of the ship is overshadowed by the tragic but heroic death of Captain James T. Kirk. I should never have let him go alone in the Deflector. This debt weighs heavily on me. But how in the world contradicts one of a legend. Everyone on board knows what has happened.
    I can feel their eyes. How am I a command result if I have failed in the eyes of the crew already at the first mission. You will never trust me again. Solely Demora I owe it that I have my post not exchanged for a desk job in Starfleet Command. She took me in the captain fair for two hours through the wringer. Usually such behavior is an ensign not to, but what should I do? It is now time Sulu's daughter.
    However, they seem to be the only one who does not trust me. I sincerely hope that I trust her not lose.

Captain John Harriman, Enterprise - B, end!

    Captain Harriman lay on his bed and stared at the ceiling. It was now a week ago, when the Enterprise had saved the El-Aurianischen refugees from the gravimetric field of Nexus. Solely, Kirk it was thanks to them that the refugees and the Enterprise were rescued. Harriman railed against his fate. Had he really been deserved the rank of captain? Would he, as young as he was, to grow into the responsibility? Him much one that his idol, James Kirk, approximately the same age was when he took over the Enterprise Captain Christopher Pike. If managed Kirk, then he would do it safely. Now he just had to hold on these encouraging thoughts and answer it with renewed vigor to the task before him forth. He was disturbed in his reflections when beeping on his desk started the computer terminal. He closed his lapel flap of his uniform and straightened. He went to the desk and pressed the intercom button. "Harriman here! Talk please! "" Bridge here. Captain, we received a message from Fleet Command. It's Admiral Snoden of the Operation Line."
    New doubts arose in Harriman. Snoden the Chief of Starfleet Operations wanted to speak to him personally. He would probably now but lose his command. Why else, Snoden should want to talk to him? He took a deep breath and got ready for the set before him this week.
    "I take the link here against." Informed Harriman communication officer and sat down in his chair. On the screen now the appear the symbol of Starfleet Command and then the face of Fleet Admiral Samuel Snoden.
    For Harriman astonishment of Admiral had actually quite a good mood. Harriman's confidence grew.
    "Good morning, Captain. I hope I have not awakened. "Began the Admiral. Harriman shook his head. In fact, he had the previous night, tormented by guilt, not sleep a wink.
    "They disturb not Sir. What can I do for you. "Harriman said no.
    "I am well aware that the Enterprise should leave the dock until tomorrow, but we have an emergency near the neutral zone and the Enterprise is at the moment the only ship that would be available to the quick." The word neutral zone left Harriman attention. Apparently there were problems with one of the border planets. Harriman was very curious on what mission the Enterprise should go. "What happened sir?" He asked. Snoden watched him through the screen right in the eye. "What I tell you now, is classified as Top Secret." Announced the Admiral. "Inform the crew until they have reached the goal. Understood? "Harriman nodded. "Got it sir!"
    Snoden nodded. "So our sensor buoys at the edge of the Neutral Zone have near the colony Larus IX in the last two weeks Romulan activity found. We suspect that the Romulans want to attack the planet. They have always been keen on the Dilithium and Research institute located there. In signing the Treaty of Algeron they grudgingly agreed that the planet goes to the Federation. We suspect that they would like to erase this stain. "Harriman seemed a bit confused. "Do you think the Romulans want to start another war?" He asked incredulously. "We do not know exactly what that is. The Secret Service has no evidence and the Romulan ambassador shrouded in silence. "Said the Admiral. "However, we do not think that it will be a war. Starfleet has never been as strong as at the moment. I think they want to test just once again, how far we are ready to go. Your commands are: they fly for Larus IX, showcase flag and they do everything to prevent a war. Either diplomatically or otherwise. We think if the Romulans see the flagship of Starfleet, they will perhaps change his mind. "Harriman nodded. "We will make us immediately on the way and we take the matter Sir. Thank you for your trust. "Snoden smiled. "Do not disappoint me John. Snoden end! "Thus ended the connection.
    Harriman was full of new found confidence from his chair and made a good mood on the way to the bridge. In the corridor he met Demora Sulu. They went to say both a piece without some side by side. When they reached the turbolift, they both stopped in front of it, waiting for the capsule. As the capsule had arrived, they entered it and gave a goal in the bridge. After a journey time of one minute stopped the capsule, releasing the passengers on the bridge. Demora moved instantly station at the wheel, while the Captain took command of his first officer, Commander Daniel Albert. He operated the broadcast key in the left arm of his chair. "To all, here is the captain. Our departure was brought forward. I would ask the station staff who work to end within the next half hour, and to leave the ship. The crew is preparing the ship for the start! Harriman end! "He deactivated the Intercom
and took of the Yeoman Michelle Rodriguez, the reports of last night counter, scanned it briefly and signed it.
    Unbeknownst to him, his first officer approached from behind the command chair. Only when this cleared his throat, it Harriman perceived. Harriman dismissed his secretary and Commander Albert turned to. "What's Commander?" He asked him. The commander leaned forward slightly and lowered his voice so that they could not hear each on the bridge. "We have new orders from fleet command?" Harriman nodded. "Yes we have. I must it and just do not inform the Department for reasons of secrecy about it. "Albert had little thrilled that he was left on the objective and nature of the mission in the dark. "Starfleet will certainly have their reasons." Did he laid. "She's damn good reason, believe me." Albert nodded. "I do not like Sir." Harriman could understand him well, how could a crew work effectively if they did not understand the nature of the mission? "Me neither, but the Admiral has left no other options open. We now have time to hold commands Commander, I'm sorry. "Albert waved. "That's okay, sir." He said and went to his station.
    "Sir, the station staff has the Enterprise now leave." Reported Lieutenant Commander Sabrina Decker, the OPS officer of the ship. Harriman turned his chair to face her. "Excellent. Ask them the Dock Control nodded permission to take off. "Decker and got down to work. Harriman turned his chair toward control, waiting for permission to start the Dock Control.
    Finally, Commander Decker announced that the start permission is granted. Harriman thanked him and began to issue commands. "Tax! solve anchorages, impulse engines aft on one-quarter impulse. "Demora confirmed and set to the execution of the instructions of the captain


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